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This page has some links that will help you in your spiritual search.  There is also a listing of courses that we offer. 

Does God Exist?--a nonprofit effort to convince mankind that God is real and the Bible is His Word.
Why Pain and Suffering?--a site dealing with pain and suffering in the lives of believers and non-believers.
Dandy Designs--a site showing examples of beauty and design in nature.
ScienceTerrific--a site that helps children learn about God's creation by allowing them to explore on their own.
The Does  God  Exist? download site--Does God Exist? has 28 video programs that are available for download to your computer at no charge to you. You can preview them on this site or download them.
Heartlight--a site that has Bible study helps, such as Bible searches in various translations, reference books, devotionals, articles.
Bible Gateway--a site that has Bible study helps, such as a biblical passage lookup from various translations (not just in English), and other useful areas, such as a commentary on several books of the New Testament.

We will be adding more links in the coming days. 

Getting to Know Jesus--a 20-lesson study of His birth to His resurrection
_______ There is a Better Way--a beginner Bible study course in simple language.
_______ Pathway to a Better Life--a 10-lesson intermediate Bible course.
_______ What Is Christianity?--a careful study of what Christ taught and how to become a Christian and live the Christian life.
_______ Acts of the Apostles--a six-lesson study of the book of Acts.
_______ The Christian Way--a 10-lesson study about being a Christian in the world.
_______ Studies in the Bible--a 30-lesson study of the entire Bible.
_______ Freedom Steps--a 12-lesson Bible study specifically designed for those who have a concern about substance abuse.  It covers all addictions and is based on the 12 steps in A.A. from a biblical perspective.
_______ Basic Christian Evidences--a basic 13-lesson study of scientific proof that God is real and the Bible is His Word.
_______ Intermediate Christian Evidences--a 13-lesson study of scientific proof that God is real and the Bible is His Word.  This course is written at a college level and for most people the basic course should be done first.
These courses can be taken by mail.  Please print out this list.   Check the course you would like to take.  Please take only one course at a time.  Mail the sheet to the address at the left.   You will be mailed the first lesson with a postage paid return envelope.

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