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February 4, 2023


We welcome you to our worship services this morning. We hope that you will be encouraged and uplifted by our time together. We have no creed or set of rules to force on you. We simply rely on the Bible to tell us what to do and try to copy what we read the church in the first century did. We meet here every Sunday, but we also have Zoom available for those who are interested. Just ask and we will include you in our Zoom services. Call Karl Marcussen at 574-514-1400 for information.


POTLUCK TODAY: We always have a large amount of food left over and end up eating it Sunday and Wednesday night. Stay and enjoy the fellowship and the good food.

TIMBERS TODAY: At 2:00 this afternoon we will conduct a worship service at Timbers nursing home. We need singers, wheelchair pushers, and people who can talk with residents and staff. Come at 1:45 and help get people settled and comfortable with us. The service ends at 2:30 and we visit with the residents and help them get back to their rooms. Come and help.

FOOD PANTRY TOMORROW: If you can help starting at 3:30 P.M. to 5:00, see Richard Hoyt. We need workers for any part of that time period.

IF WE HAVE TO CANCEL: Bill Gibson has made up a call list so that if we have to cancel services, everyone will know. Karl has got Zoom working, so we will have services for everyone via Zoom if services are canceled. If you do not have entry to Zoom, let Karl (574-514-1400) know and he will help you get on. You also may wish to take a communion pack home with you, so that you can participate in communion in your home.



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John Clayton

Our song earlier in our worship: SONG “Oft We Come Together.”

What is worship? How is “worship” different than “religion” — Webster’s definitions:
“Religion — Recognition and worship of a controlling superhuman power.”
“Worship — Homage paid to God. To render religious reverence.”

James 1:27 — Hebrew word is boda, Greek is latreia
“Originally the labor of slaves or hired servants prostrating themselves to express reverence, fear, adoring awe and wonder.” What is your feeling when you come here?
I. There are eight different Greek words used in the New Testament to describe worship. Let us look at them:
1. DOXA — Luke 14:10 — “Honor from humans”
2. EUSEBEO — Acts 17:23 — “To be pious”
a. Is the building sacred? Why be pious?
b. God is always around us — for better or worst.
3. THEROPEUO — Acts 17:25 — Most religions have demands to benefit the god — even human sacrifice.
4. THRESKEIA — Colossians 2:18 — The worship of things.
5. LATREUO — Acts 7:42; 24:14; Philippians 3:3; Hebrews 10:1-4
“To worship as a public display.” Jewish worship?
6. PROSKYNEO — 59 times — “To kiss the hand forward.”
a. Matthew 2:2; 4:9-10; 8:2; 28:17; Acts 8:27; Hebrews 1:6
b. Direct worship of the physical Jesus.
7. SEBAZO — Romans 1:25 — Worship of created things.
8. SEBOMA — Matthew 15:9; Mark 7:7; Acts 16:14; 18:7; 19:27 — Lip service but no heart.
1. All of these can be things we do except number 6.
2. Do not depend upon a preacher on TV or anywhere.
3. Follow the example of the first century church.
a. Acts 2:40-47 — Are you a part of all of these?
b. See THE BACK PAGE below. What is the purpose of Zoom, etc.
c. What should we do when we cannot get to the church building?
III. Our song for the invitation is: SONG “Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus.”



Worship is different today than it was when the apostles walked the Earth. They did not have the written word and technology was essentially non-existent. Not having the written word from God meant that any crackpot could stand up and start telling people what to do. For that reason God had allowed those who spoke the truth to verify that they were speaking for God and when the same artist tried to duplicate the miracles the results were either disastrous or hilarious (see Acts 19:11-16).

Today we can read about the first century church and copy what they did. Here are five things that we can copy:

  1. They devoted themselves to teaching (Acts 2:42). We do not have apostles, but we do have the written word. You need to be here for discussions in our classes.
  2. They had fellowship (Acts 2:42, 44, 46). Do not skip our fellowship meals, and do not run out the door as soon as the dismissal prayer has been said.
  3. Communion was important to them (Acts 2:42). It is important to understand communion lifts us vertically (towards God) and horizontally (toward one another). Have the communion elements at home, and do not neglect participating in it no matter what or where you are.
  4. Prayers (Acts 2:42) can be done anywhere, any time, and no posture, or physical limits are involved.
  5. Addressed material needs (Acts 2:47-48). Our giving is an act or worship. How much you give is not the issue. The widow’s mite was more meaningful to God than the big money from the rich merchants.

Much of the New Testament is given to us to help us worship. The Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7 is a marvelous passage to help our hearts be joined to one another and to God. Matthew 25:31-46 should be a guide for all of us. If you are worshiping using Zoom, be sure you participate in the whole service. Sing the songs, take notes, participate in communion and in giving. This is what worship is about.

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Sign saying from www.sayingsforchurchsigns.com.

Scripture links/references are from BibleGateway.com. Unhighlighted scriptures can be looked up at their website.